Trending Now: Top Diamond Shapes In Boston

Whether you are in love with a halo ring, a classic solitaire ring or a three-stone ring, choosing the diamond shape is another major decision to make the coveted engagement ring! For example, the diamond halo can have round, cushion, oval, or princess cut diamonds.

Want to know which diamond shape is right for you? When choosing a diamond shape, you need to consider many different factors, like the sparkle-potential, price, and rarity of that shape.

You may also want to think about what is popular in your area and understand why. We recently discovered that these four diamond shapes dominate the Boston market:

1) Brilliant Round Diamond Cut

Top Diamond Shapes

There is nothing better than a classic round brilliant cut diamond. When it comes to the most popular diamond cuts, this has been and will continue to be the leader. One reason that is generally considered the favorite diamond cut in the United States is more than 75% of all diamonds sold. Whether it is set as a solitaire game, square halo, round halo, etc., round diamonds will be different, catching light and sparks!

Round diamonds may become the most dazzling diamonds because a perfectly cut round diamond can amplify the sparkle and brightness of a gemstone more than any other cut diamond. This cut can enhance the way light is reflected in your eyes, giving the diamond an extra surprise. If you want the diamond to attract the entire room is attention, then what you want is a perfectly cut brilliant round diamond.

2) Cushion Diamond Cut

Top Diamond Shapes

Named after the pillow (cushion) shape, the second most popular diamond cut of the season combines the most popular round cut and square princess cut. This fancy cut diamond has recently made a comeback and is becoming more and more popular-especially the halo setting and vintage style design! Unlike round diamonds, the center of the cushion is messier and therefore reflects light differently.

Interestingly, these diamonds have existed for more than 200 years, and since the first century, they are even the most popular diamond cut. The version of the cushion cut diamond you can find today modified this old-fashioned cut to optimize the sparkle and brilliance of the stone. Thanks to these modifications, we’ve seen the cushion cut’s popularity continue to grow.

3) Oval Diamond Cut

Top Diamond Shapes

Oval engagement rings have been trendy in the past year. This beautiful cut is one of the most dazzling diamonds and is the penultimate round. Its unique shape is a more traditional alternative to modern round cutting, especially for brides who want to stand out. Another benefit of oval cutting? The long shape will make the diamond look bigger. If you are looking for a diamond that feels more unique, but an oval cut with similar brightness and the round cut is undoubtedly the right choice.

4) Princess Diamond Cut

Although princess-cut diamonds usually do not sparkle like round diamonds, they are still among the top choices for engagement rings! The square princess cut diamonds created in the 1980s make the appearance of engagement rings completely different. This unique style is considered a “fancy cut” and is perfect if you prefer a square shape instead of a round shape. Compared with round or oval cut diamonds, the price per carat of the princess cut is usually much lower. The shape of the quadrangular pyramid looks amazing with the square halo.

Although this is still one of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings, princess cut diamonds are more unique than round diamonds. In addition to the square halo, the princess cutwork as a solitaire, and almost any other style will be amazing.

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