The little-known way to make your wedding ring look brand new

If you are like me, you almost don’t want to wear it at the first moment of purchase, because you always want it to look brand new and shiny. For precious jewelry such as wedding rings, most people think that it is almost impossible to always keep your ring as accurate as the day of purchase. However, this is very, very wrong.

You can take some key steps to ensure that your wedding ring always looks perfect, and does not need to spend a lot of time or even a lot of energy, follow these tips to learn how to keep your wedding ring.

Avoid Lotions, Sunscreens, And Perfumes

Most people don’t know whether these products will actually make your ring wear faster than normal people. If you have diamonds on your wedding ring, the lotion and sunscreen may make the area around the diamond look very dirty. Before using any similar products, please remember to take off the wedding ring.

Keep Up With Rhodium Plating

 Wedding Bands Looking Brand NewIf you have a white gold wedding ring, this is one of the most popular metal styles in wedding rings; then, when you buy the ring, you will be told that the white gold is rhodium plated. Depending on how active you are or how often you use your hands every day, the rhodium coating will gradually wear out and reveal the yellow tone below.

This is one of the most overlooked things and one of the easiest ways to make the ring dull to dazzling. The process itself is not expensive, and most jewelers can do it.

Clean Your Band

 Wedding Bands Looking Brand NewToday, most jewelers can clean your rings for free, which is a courtesy to customers. So why not use this advantage?

If you don’t have time to go to the jeweler, one way to clean the ring at home is to immerse the strap in a mixture of warm water and dish soap, and then clean the ring with a soft toothbrush. There are many other home solutions, but we recommend dish soap because it’s safe for all types of metals, diamonds, and all gemstones.

Ring Polishing

 Wedding Bands Looking Brand New

If you are not aware of this now, each type of precious metal will be worn as often as a wedding ring, which is almost every minute of the day. If you want to maintain high gloss, you need to polish the ring. Most jewelers can easily polish any ring; you just need to ask.

One thing we often tell people about platinum bands is that platinum is not as dull as gold, but over time, it produces a rich finish, called patina, which is only produced from the daily wearing of the ring . Many people like platinum as a bronze finish because it makes the ring more unique and almost retro. If you want a high-gloss appearance, you can always polish the platinum strap, but most people like platinum because it can form a personalized patina finish.

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