Celebrating Earth Day With Your Diamond 

Fifty years in the past, these days noticed the primary Earth Day, a day of protests and demonstrations geared toward getting people and the government to apprehend that to maintain the Earth secure, human beings needed to take action. The past 50 years have seen Earth Day end up a worldwide phenomenon, with the UN officially spotting it in 2009 and April 22 being the day the Paris Agreement turned into signed (multi-united states agreed to limit global temperature upward push).  

Worthy’s Part In Keeping The Earth Healthy 

Your Diamond

One of the matters Worthy prides itself maximum on is how we’re capable of making contributions to the fitness of the sector every day when we sell diamonds on our online public sale platform. 

The Environmental Impact Of Diamond Mining  

Your DiamondWhile humans had been mining for diamonds for loads of years, in the ultimate a hundred years or so, diamond mining has emerged as plenty of extra industrialized, which has had a prime environmental impact. Areas of land all around the globe have been destroyed by diamond mining, tormented by such things as soil erosion, deforestation, water pollution, and harming flora and fauna. There is a human value too: these regions had been once pure farmland. However, it is now unusable. The mining paintings itself may be very dangerous for miners, and there have been endless reports on human rights abuse in diamond mines. 

The Benefit Of Recycled Diamonds 

Your Diamond A recycled diamond is a diamond that changed into formerly owned and has now been reset into a new piece of jewelry. When you promote diamond earrings with Worthy, the diamonds you promote are offered and reset into new jewelry pieces that are purchased by people without any environmental toll. 

The benefit of this system is twofold: first, people looking to promote rings can do it without difficulty and get the fine fee obtainable for their diamond. Second, this process ensures that there are recycled diamonds available for environmentally aware consumers. 

If you own diamond jewelry that you now not revel in or need, selling with Worthy is an exquisite alternative, each for you and the Earth. 

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